Friday, 9 November 2012


Pippa is a 6 year old greyhound girl who came into our care as she was found as a stray. Pippa gets on well with other dogs of all sizes but can be a bit bossy so would be best suited with males. Again Pippa is a black greyhound, but please don't overlook her as at 6 years old she is lucky to be here at all. She deserves her forever home which could hopefully be another 10 years. Pippa has had a break to one of her paws, and has had a toe amputated, this does not stop her from living a perfectly normal life. Pippa has good recall, enjoys to play and is a friendly affectionate girl who just wants her own sofa to retire to. If you can offer Pippa this please contact us.

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Anonymous said...

I've already got two bossy boots females but she does look gorgeous and black greyhounds are my favourite.
My Jim came with broken toe which was removed and does hobble a little but boy can he still run and loves it. He races the young 2 yr old black beauty, Daphne around the football pitches and can still outrun her on the straight then she catches up by turning fast on the corners.